ONE PIECE アンリミテッドワールド R デラックスエディション

【動画あり】One Piece: Unlimited World Red Episode 4.1 (Expand The Town)

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Walkthrough part 4.1 (Expand The Town).
This episode is after episode 4 (Fishman island). You can obviously expand the town before episode 4. Just a heads up, you must expand the town if you want to get access to the fifth episode.

Just some tips : Build the factory first, you can get some materials from there. For the rare items go back to Punk Hazard, Enies Lobby and Alabasta. Search the bushes, beat the marines with shields in Enies Lobby, Catch some fish in Alabasta. Search for a frog and capture it with net in the ice area of Punk Hazard.



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